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MOLDAVITE RING: Living Light symbols copyrighted by Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.,




Love it ★★★★★I AM SO IN LOVE!!! My intention was to create a ring of very high vibration to serve as a touchstone. I chose Moldavite, the “Star Stone,” for its enormously high frequency. Formed over 14 million years ago by a collision with a meteorite, Moldavite facilitates the ability to connect with a higher level of consciousness. I used a simple design in silver to secure the stone with open sides to allow in light as well as to showcase a Living Light Symbol on each side. Channeled by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, author of the international bestseller, “The Children of Now, ” each Living Light Symbol is a complete library of information expressed as a geometric gateway. I chose “The Master Staff” and “The Power Within.” I couldn’t be happier with the results! Peggy did a masterful job matching the symbols and the overall design of the ring to my specifications. Dr. Meg was so enchanted with the results, the three of us are considering an entire line of high vibration jewelry. It would be an honor for Peggy and I to help you design your very own touchstone. Love & Light, Cindyana Jones Spiritual Sleuth 👐✨💜✨👐Photo


The leather bracelet with the dragon amulet is my new favorite accessory! It’s very cute and I get tones of compliments!!! A must have for those days you need to feel like you are going to kick the day’s butt. The bracelet is the perfect width and is a solid, sleek statement piece without being too heavy or clunky. High-quality materials and craftsmanship. I love it! 😍

M Campbell

Z-Fire Jewelry is most exquisite in designs and craftsmanship, truly the highest quality.  It is no wonder Peggy's original designs are award-winning, beautiful and sought after!  It is very exciting to watch and participate in Z-Fire Jewelry's journey into healing with quantum physics and all that is natural.  I have experienced the guided meditations for jewelry activation with Peggy via phone conversations, and the results and peace of mind that followed for me were amazing.  It is without reservation that I highly recommend Z-Fire Jewelry and your amulet activation.  Take a jump into quantum healing, you will be happy you made the leap! ~ Virginia Richardson 

I have worn my ring every day for 17 years and still love it. It’s perfect!


I have purchased multiple items from Peggy for myself and for gifts, including several bracelets with amulets, the cuff bracelet with the amethyst amulet, tree of life earrings, 2 sundial necklaces, a sun-and-moon necklace, and a scepter necklace. I have loved everything I purchased. Peggy uses her training as a goldsmith to carefully craft each item; the quality of the work is superior. Further, she is willing to tailor aspects of the items to meet your needs and specifications. For example, I was able to request a birthstone for the sundial necklace; Peggy also crafted the paw print amulet based on a request I made so that I could give my dog-loving friends something special for the holidays. All of the gift recipients have adored their very special and personalized gifts. The high quality craft and the exceptional commitment to her clients are unique; you will not find that level of love and care in a big box store or from a large e-retailer. Further, Peggy individually imbues each item with positive energy; this is definitely not a service available from large retailers. Even if you don't believe in the effects of positive energy, the attention to detail and deep care that Peggy applies to her work makes a tremendous difference. I highly recommend any product Peggy creates. ~ H Kane 

The beauty and care of Z Fire jewelry is too awesome to put words - and it's something you must experience. This is not fake weird crap from a factory, this is truth, beauty, magic you can wear and enjoy. So special. Love this artist and work!

L Brown

I wanted a ring in the shape of a bow - and it became everything I ever wanted! Beautiful details and soft shapes. Equally exquisite for everyday occasions as for party time, I love it! Maria in Stockholm

z-fire is amazing. I LOVE my Bracelet! ~ MP

 Cuff Link Replica

Impressive replicas that look and feel exactly like the originals. So happy to have a pair again, after loosing one of the originals. Thank you Z-fire for great work!


OMGosh! The bracelets are so cool, I have purchased two. They are perfect for both casual and dressy and impresses everyone who sees them. Love Peggy’s creativity. I purchased one for a friend loved it so much decided to keep it for myself.

D Mckinney

A unique piece of jewelry. Beautiful and with much love to the detail and designed. 100% handmade, german trained workmanship and very high-quality material. Wears wonderfully. I love it!

P Dryer

This custom bracelet is absolutel amazing!!! In every way! Love: 1/ color and texture on the wide band . 2/ the worn brown-orange on top. 3/ you can change the narrow band on my custom band from grey to denim 4/ both one silver and one gold button 5/ the model and how you secure it 6/ two exchangeable angels, gold and silver. EVERYTHING IS 🌟👌🌟

Susann H

This piece is so beautifully made, unique and versatile! It looks just as beautiful when I dress up as when as I am more casual, and I always get asked, “where did you get that!?” Love it!!!


I love wearing my amethyst crystal necklace. I get compliments on it every time I wear it! Beautiful piece- I highly recommend it.

Katelin F

The blend of wood and leather caught my eye but the design took it to another level. I have a Z-Fire wood and silver ring and the wood and leather wristband. I love them both.


I LOVE these earrings. The quality is amazing and they are absolutely beautifully designed.

P Norcross

I love how light the earrings feel! Wonderful jewelry that will center you! ~ Anya Scholl